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We always get requests, what you need to bring to the Florida Keys Dolphin programs. Here is a list…

  • Swimming attire
  • Towel
  • Water shoes – These can be worn for the dolphin wade and if desired, instead of fins for parts of the sea lion, ray, and shark swims, but we do not provide them.
  • Environmentally friendly insect repellent and mineral based sunscreen (zinc or titanium dioxide)…if needed these are available in our gift shop.

All this seems to be common sense but a lot folks need to be reminded of the proper things to bring. Now for Swimming attire, you should not wear cut off pants or anything that would impede your time in the water with the dolphins. For women, we would recommend that you wear a one piece bathing suit due to the fact if you get a foot push ride. Your bottoms may come off and it could be pretty embarrassing for you.

You should bring at least 1 towel per participant. If you plan to use the beach area, you may want to have extra towels to dry off with. If you forget your towel, you can buy one in the gift store.

Most of the lagoon areas are made coral rock and can be pretty sharp on the exposed feet. So having water shoes would be a pretty important thing especially if you are doing some of the shallow water animal experiences, like the dolphin encounter, rays, or shark encounter.

If you feel you can not find Environmentally friendly insect repellent of natural sunscreen, you should wait until your animal interaction is over and you can put on regular products on your boby at that point. This way you won’t be harming any of the animals within the park.

See you soon!