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Choices are always hard and one choice you might have to make is whether you want a dolphin swim or dolphin encounter in the Florida Keys. The big questions, do you like deep water or scream when the water is over your head.  The dolphin swim is in 10 – 15 feet of water, so it can be pretty deep for a novice swimmer. You will have a chance to put on a life jacket if you need it.

Let’s start this blog post what they both have in common, petting, holding and kissing the dolphin. The only thing is you get a lot more of those behaviors in the dolphin encounter than the swim. Because as the name suggests, the swim, you will be in deep water for most of your 30 minutes in the water. The Dolphin Encounter / WADE is in shallow waist deep water.

So please don’t ask, “do you need to know how to swim” in the Florida Keys dolphin swim program. A lot of people ask this question and the answer is yes. You don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer but comfortable in deep water.  The dolphin swim you also get rides with the dolphins, the dorsal fin ride, maybe a foot push, or a belly ride. The rides is where you get push or pulled by the dolphin in the deep water.

On the other hand, the Florida Keys dolphin encounter is very tranquil and peaceful in the shallow water with them because the trainer bring the dolphin upclose to you to enjoy them. No swimming involved in the Dolphin Encounter / Wade program. The hard part is picking the correct program for you, your family or friends, the swim with dolphins or dolphin encounter?

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