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Customers always ask this question on the phone to us, “can you tell us the best place to swim with dolphins in florida keys“. We would not be in business if we did not believe our facility is the best in the Florida Keys. We will tell you why, with the dolphin swim, you spend most of your interaction time in deep water, where you get to pet, hold and kiss the dolphin. Most facility do these behaviors in shallow water, this is a big plus for us.

The biggest competition is the following….

Dolphin Plus in Key Largo. Here you will do the dolphin swim only and no other activities.
Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, again, you will do the dolphin swim only and no other activities.

At both, the price is the same and you get so much more with buying your program with us.

You will get a dorsal fin ride from one end of the salt water lagoon to the other end of the lagoon by 2 dolphins, most facilities give you a dorsal fin ride with 1 dolphin. You will really feel the speed of the dolphin with 2 dolphins.

Lastly, you will have a chance to free swim and snorkel with the dolphin, I don’t know of any facility that allows you to do both trained behaviors and free swim with them. This is my favorite thing about the Keys is this snorkeling time with the dolphin. I truly feel this is the best dolphin program around the Keys and you need to try it. I am sure you will love our program in the Florida Keys!

You can check out the competition but I think you will come back to us.