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If you bring anyone under 18 years old and they are not your child please make sure that you have the parents sign waivers for the children.  If there is one thing that could ruin your vacation, is showing up to the dolphin facility and not allowed in because you did not have any waivers signed. Liability waivers must be signed by a parent or appointed guardian prior to participation.

For all  Florida Keys in-water programs (dolphin swim, dolphin wade, sea lion swim, ray swim, and shark swim) any appointed guardian must provide notarized documentation of guardianship or the form must be accompanied by a copy of the driver’s license.  We can provide a form upon request.

Note: Young children may need to be held by an adult during participation due to their height and abilities.

Online Waiver – Click Here

Click this link to get a copy of the form. Open the form, print it and please bring the form with you and don’t loose it. We can email a copy of the form but you will need to request it.