24/7 Online Reservations. Feel free to call us: CALL: 1-305-501-4898

The Shows at Theater at the Sea are are continuous from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Check the schedule so you can plan your day!

It’s an easy flow from show to show!
Join the one that is in progress when you arrive. Times are approximate.
9:30 Sea Turtle Talk
9:40 Crocodilian Training
9:50 Fish, Shark & Ray Feeding
10:00 Parrot Show
10:30 Dolphin Show
11:00 Sea Lion Show
11:30 Bottomless Boat Ride
11:45 Fish, Shark & Ray Feeding
12:00 Crocodilian Training
12:20 Sea Turtle Talk
12:30 Parrot Show
1:00 Dolphin Show
1:30 Sea Lion Show
2:00 Bottomless Boat Ride
2:15 Fish, Shark & Ray Feeding
2:30 Crocodilian Training
2:50 Sea Turtle Talk
3:00 Parrot Show
3:30 Dolphin Show
4:00 Sea Lion Show
4:30 Bottomless Boat Ride

So if you doing a swim with the Dolphin in the Florida Keys or a Sea Lion swim, you can plan before or after to do your shows.