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If you are not a good swimmer or comfortable in deep water and want to meet the dolphin in shallow water, we have the program for you. The Florida Keys Dolphin Encounter / WADE program is a totally shallow program where you get to pet, play, hug, and kiss the dolphin.  This experience you will walk up to your waist  and if you are small child, then you would be in your parents arms. This program does allow anyone from 1 years old and up into the program. This is a great way to introduce your toddler to the wonders of dolphins and they will really appreciate being in the water with them.

To be up close and personal with a dolphin is not a common event, so when you are in the Florida Keys, don’t let deep water stop you and come into this shallow water playground.  We are told many times ” how I wished I could do that with the dolphins but I don’t swim”.  So now there is no excuse, you can do it today in the Florida Keys. To make your feel even safer, all participants must wear a life vest. So for some reason you fall into the deep end of the salt water lagoon, you will have protection on for you and your child.

Remember, you can bring 1 year old and up into this program. So if you are interested and want to have your young child enjoy the dolphins, this is the program for you. Unfortunately, anyone that goes into the water with the dolphin will have to pay the full fare including the children.