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You may think you can swim with dolphins in key west but that not totally true. There are wild dolphin trips out of Keys West to see wild bottlenose dolphins and in most cases you can not swim with the wild dolphins.  The Wild Dolphin trip is really cool because you will see wild dolphins in their natural habitat.  Usually you will find dolphins in the wild here. There big pods of wild dolphins in the area so it makes it truly great tourist attraction.

We don’t want to discourage you from visiting Key West because it is worth come to. Key West is not like Miami. There are very few high end shops or big name brands. While there are a few, Key West is not the place for this type of shopping. There are a lot of shops in Key West, especially along Duval Street and plenty of things to do and eat and especially to drink here.  But getting  back to the dolphins, if you want dolphins, then you need to decide on wild or trained or both.  I would recommend both.

So if you want to get into the water and swim with the dolphin, you will need get into your car  or our transportation service and drive to Islamorada and enjoy one of the dolphin programs we offer there.  There are NO dolphin facility in Key West with trained dolphins, so that is why you will need to drive to the Upper Keys. I think it will be worth your time when you get to touch, play, kiss, snorkel and get that dorsal fin ride with 2 dolphins. You will love it for sure!!

Remember, we do offer transportation from Key West if you don’t have transportation to Islamorada.  We charge $300 for the van and round trip transportation up to 6 people. You will need to tip the driver. He has a long day, 8 hours of driving, a very long day for him but he loves it.