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Every facility that cares for marine mammals and especially dolphins, have their restrictions and rules to enter the water with the animals. They have these for the guests and animals safety. These restrictions are pretty easy guidelines to follow and will allow most people to enter and enjoy the animals and the dolphins.


  • have contact with any wild marine mammal within 48 hours of participation to avoid disease transmission to our animals.
  • be pregnant if participating in the dolphin swim, dolphin wade, and sea lion swim.


  • be capable of and willing to participate in the program and be a competent swimmer for swim programs (15 feet of water) …trainers oversee interactions from out of the water and cannot personally attend to individuals.
  • understand English or have a translator.

The Florida Keys Dolphin Facility is home to a colony of abandoned cats. If you have aversions or allergies, please take appropriate measures.

The marine animals live in natural ocean water not a chlorinated pool.

We cannot guarantee that everyone in a party will be in the same pool for dolphin swim/wade; group size varies based on animal housing. On the day of the program upon meeting the trainers, dolphin swimmers and waders in the same party can request to do their program in the same pool and we will accommodate if possible. .

Please inform the reservationist of any special requests, needs, and/or medical conditions so that we may prepare for your participation.

In most case, Theater of the Sea does it’s best to ensure an amazing experiences these fun and curious animals they have.