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Everyone ask about photos for the programs and here is the price list to help you before you come to the Florida Keys Animal Experience. Photos are important to most guests because it capture all the incredible moments you have with the dolphins.  Prices and technology change from year to year, but this is the most current prices….

photo priices florida Keys dolphin swim

Most Recent Photo Prices Florida Keys

Deluxe Package

Package includes A photo CD with all of one participants images from one program, plus a professionally edited DVD including titles, Transitions and Bonus footage from around the park. $118.00 for the first participant plus $10.00 for each additional participant. Additional Discounts are available for multiple programs.

Print Prices
All prints are produced using the highest quality dye-sublimation process which results in a plastic coated, archival quality, and water-resistant print.

1x 4″x6″ print $12.50
1x 5″x7″ print $15.00
1x 8″x10″ print $25.00
2x 4″x6″ prints $24.00
2x 5″x7″ prints $25.00

Digital Image Prices
Our Photo CD includes a copyright release so that you can take your photos to any lab or to your home computer and print them out.

1x Image on CD $15.00
1x Image on CD plus a 4”x 6” print of the same image $17.50
1x Image on CD plus a 5”x 7” print of the same image $20.00

Single Program Prices
All of your participants images on CD from one program plus a bonus file of approximately 100 photos of the animals and foliage around the park.

1 Participants $50.00
2 Participants $60.00
3 Participants $70.00
4 Participants $80.00
5 Participants $90.00
6 Participants $100.00

Multiple Program Discount
Discounts are offered for photographs of multiple programs. The prices are based off the Single program prices plus…

1 Participant $30.00 per additional program
2 Participants $30.00 per additional program
3 Participants $35.00 per additional program
4 Participants $40.00 per additional program
5 Participants $45.00per additional program
6 participants $50.00per additional program