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If you love nature and Florida Keys swimming with the dolphins in a natural setting, then you will love the dolphin facility in Islamorada.

The park was established in 1946 by the McKenney family, Theater of the Sea is one of the oldest marine mammal facilities in the world. The McKenney family still owns and operates the park today.

The park grounds was originally a rock quarry excavated for Henry Flagler’s railroad in the early 1900’s, the lagoons and lush, tropical gardens at the facility are home to Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions, sea turtles, tropical and game fish, sharks, stingrays, crocodiles, alligators, marine invertebrates, and birds. Twelve million gallons of ocean water are pumped in daily to supply water to the three-acre natural salt-water lagoons.

While some of our animals were collected and others were born here, many are non-releasable as a result of imprinting and/or injuries sustained in the wild. The health and well being of the animals takes precedence over all other interests and their care and maintenance is supported by patronage alone.

This facility has been around since the 1940 and has cultivated some the best flowers, trees and natural setting in the Florida Keys. You will love your dolphin swim in Florida because in this setting you will enjoy the all natural salt water lagoons where the dolphins have plenty of room to play and swim in. To see this setting, please click this video…

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