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We know a lot of guests try to pack many activities in one day as they can.  You may be that type and trying to do the dolphin swim in the upper Keys and Sunset on Mallory Square in Key West can be done. You will need to plan, which some folks like and don’t like. If you are in the like camp, please read on because if you are in the don’t like to plan, please don’t try to do this in one day.

If you are staying Key West and want to do the dolphin swim in Islamorada and not miss the sunset in Key West in the same day, you will need to make sure you do the 10am Dolphin program. This way you will be finished with the dolphin program by 12:30pm, you can eat a little lunch and and catch a few shows and exhibits and leave by 2pm. Parking is free and if you are taking our transportation service, you will need to make sure to tell the driver what you are trying to accomplish. He will do his best to get you back on time.

Remember, daylight saving time is a factor. The drive from Islamorada to Key West is 2 hours and sunset in the winter is about 5:30pm, so you will make it in time to catch it. Now in the summer, the sun sets are around 8:30pm, so you don’t need to rush as much.

We want you to have the best experience possible and if you have more concern about this, please contact us.

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